How to Pay NJ EZ Pass bill & How to Buy E-Z pass Online?

If you are in New Jersey, you already know that you have to pay your NJ EZ Pass bill for using toll areas. All you need is that NJ EZ-Pass. Some people pay for it by cash, but you can pay online. Here’s how to go about it.

What is NJ EZPass?

New Jersey(NJ) is on the toll collection network of the United States. If you are in NJ and you pass an EZ-Pass system, then it collects tolls, in other words, coins from the NJ EZPass you bought and attached on your rearview mirror. The EZPass is a tag linked to your bank account, credit, or debit card. The toll collection technology makes the deduction automatically you go through the toll collection point. You can get your NJ EZPass through mail or in some retail stores. (I will show you how to buy your EZPass in the next few sections below).

Right now, let’s learn how to pay for the NJ EZPass bill online.

How to Pay for NJ EZPass Bill Online?

Paying your new Jersey online is the easiest way to do it. The process is straightforward. Note that the same method can be used to pay for missed violations. Also, you must do this within seven days of missing to pay your toll bill. Now, here’s how you can pay for toll bill online:

Click Login/Register section, enter Username, password, security number, and click Login

Note: You cannot pay online if you do not have an eznjpass.com account. I’ll take you through the registration process in the next section.

Once you’re signed in, what follows?

Remember you cannot make an online toll bill payment in New Jersey without the EZ NJPass account. Therefore, you need to register before making your payment above. So, let’s register first.

Here’s what’s to do.

Click “Click here to sign up” button

Note: You will land on a page Sign Up For a New Account.

Alternative: You could print the form and fill it offline.

Navigate to Open Individual Account section, check Terms and Conditions box, and click Enroll Online

You will land on a page, SignUp for the new NJ E-ZPass account.

When you sign up online what follows is that for every 30 days for six months, you will receive toll bill statements. You can decide whether you would want to keep receiving the statement by mail or email for a fee.

Now, remember that to log in to eznjpass.com one of the items you need is a tag number. After applying for an EZ NJPass account, you will get a tag. You will still pay for the $35 using your credit card to get the tag. Ensure you keep the tag safely. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fee to replace it.

If you are new in New Jersey, you may ask whether you can get an EZ pass while in NJ? The most straightforward answer is that you can get your tag at a participating retailer.

Your next question could be; Can I get my EZ Pass Tag at Walmart and how much it could cost? Well, let’s delve into that a little bit below.

Can I get my EZ Pass Tag at Walmart and How Much Will the Tag Cost?

Walmart is a participating retailer of the New Jersey EZ Pass tag. You will get your tag for $41 at any of the 63 Walmart stores in NJ. For any person using the Pennsylvania Turnpike, this tag should save them 25%. The $41 gets you a GoPak, which comprises $35 toll balance, $3 annual fee, and a $3 convenience charged only once. This transponder can get you through 14 other states, including Pennsylvania. Once you have the pass what follows is registering your tag online on njezpass.com within the 72 hours of its purchase, and then tagging it to your ride and paying the toll bill with an app. Some people ask questions about whether it is possible to buy an EZ pass at a toll booth. Well, we’re about to find out below.

Can I Buy An EZ Pass At A Toll Booth?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple, toll booths do not sell EZ passes. With an account, you can get your pass at any toll facility in your city. A  common is whether it is possible to buy a pass at a toll booth in New Jersey. The answer remains the same. You can only get your pass at a participating toll facility. If you’re in New Jersey, then you will get your EZ pass at the New Jersey Turnpikes, at the Garden State Parkway, the Walt Whitman Bridge, and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

Now that we know that we can get the EZ passes at participating toll facilities in New Jersey, you may ask whether there are any additional charges. For instance, whether the EZ Pass charges any monthly fees. Well, look’s talk about that in this next section.

Does EZ Pass Charge Any Monthly Fees?

There is a monthly charge on your EZ Pass even when you do not have any tolls. Each city will charge you differently. In New Jersey, we usually pay a dollar every month meant for the service fee. Also, there is an extra dollar charged for the two statements one gets every month.

The good bit about New Jersey is that you do not need the transponder(tag). In fact, if you link your NJ EZPass to your account(credit and debit card, or bank account, you will get a free tag). Just make sure you do not misplace your tag.

The exciting bit: If you are a cash person, you may even pay less, which involves posting a $10 tag deposit when opening the account in New Jersey.

Other states like Delaware charge you a dollar a month for the billing statements and $8 a year for the statement emailed. You also have the option to avoid this charge by going for the quarterly statements.

In New York, you will pay $6 annually. For Pennsylvania, you will pay a monthly of $4 for every three tags’ monthly statements printed.

Now that you know about all these charges, you may ignore or forget to pay your toll bill. The big question is what this decision may cause.

What is the Effect of Not Paying Your New Jersey EZPass Toll Bill?

In case you missed to pay a toll bill in New Jersey, you have up to 48 hours to pay the fee. Failing to pay your toll bill is a violation of the NJ EZ Pass regulation. In case you missed paying at a ramp, you can pay the toll at a barrier. You could do this at the Pleasantville toll plaza. Also at the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza. If you fail to play for an EZ pass violation, the punishment includes:

Reminder: Paying for a violation will take the same process as paying for a standard EZ pass bill. If you can’t pay for the traffic violation, you have the option to protest against the fine in court.

By now you know a lot about the NJ EZ pass. I would like to share a few things that point to the direct violation of the NJ EZ pass. Let’s get to it.

List of EZ Pass Violations

There are five main violations of the EZ Pass. Those violations attract various fines. Here are some of the offenses you should look out for:

  1. Lesser funds: Includes traveling without having some money in your account or without a valid credit card. Check your payment methods and ensure they work. This is even when you’re using a retail car because you have to carry your tag with you.
  2. Toll Evasion(covered above): This is the most common one, which refers to not paying for the toll bill. It also includes not having the right tag. Be careful not to forget paying your bill considering that some tolls are replaced with overpasses that only record your ride.
  3. Transponder Error: Comes from positioning your tag wrongly. The problem is that the transponder signal is blocked and no billing happens when you go through a toll lane.
  4. Speeding: There is a speed limit set for passing through lane. Passing through a lane at speed beyond what is a violation and could attract a penalty.
  5. Mismatch of Class: Every vehicle belongs to a different EZPass class. Using the wrong pass on the wrong car is a violation. Always be careful when switching cars.

The solutions to these violations are pretty simple. All you need to do is be careful and stick to the requirements. That’s all. There is more we could talk about when it comes to the New Jersey EZPass. This guide sets you on the right path. Follow it and do the right thing.

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