How to Restore and Renew NJ DMV License?

Has your New Jersey Driver’s license gotten suspended or expired? If it’s your first, then you probably don’t know what to do next. Do not worry because, in the next few sections, you will learn how to restore and renew the NJ DMV License?

But first, let’s look at the reasons for NJ DMV license suspension.

Circumstances That Can Lead to NJ DMV License Suspension

Several things result in your DL suspension as follows:

1. Driving Related:

A court may suspend you for failing to travel with your cover. Another reason could be your insurance company calls the motor vehicle commission because they dropped yours from their coverage.2

2. Not paying insurance surcharge:

This offense is not insurance-related. This suspension comes after accumulating six or more points in three years. The points differ based on your offense, also, due to a penalty imposed by a court.

3. Not paying your child support

Three child support instances result in DL suspension by the courts and the Probation service, namely:

A court could relieve you of this suspension in case it may affect your child support order. For example, the court could spread your payment over 12 months.

4. Not appearing in court

Failing to show up in court to defend yourself against a charged traffic violation or any typical court summon results in a suspension by the municipal courts of New Jersey. You could get an allowance of up to 60 days to show up in court.

5. Failing to pay the penalty ordered by the court

Court-ordered penalties, in this case, include fine for a traffic violation and other court charges.

Other suspensions could be due to criminal and juvenile justice code or paying your parking tickets. 

Each of these suspensions has a particular solution. In this next step, let’s find out a way to get back your NJ DMV License.

Restoring NJ DMV License

The restoration process of your DMV license is straightforward. There are two critical steps to take, namely:

The restoration fee is $100. There are three payment methods available for you. They are namely:

  1. Pay by yourself at a motor vehicle agency.
  2. Pay online via the NJ MVC site (We will go through the online process in the next section)
  3. Money order or check alongside the bottom section of suspension notice to the address:

Alternative option: Without the bottom of your suspension notice, send a payable money order or a check to NJ MVC, alongside your driving license number on all payments to the address bolded in number 3 above.

As the driver, you need to show your proof of payment, indicating you have paid any outstanding tickets or fines. Now, check these items on your list for the last few license restoration steps:

If everything above is settled, what follows is to check whether the license is still valid. This depends hugely on your suspension period. If the DL is expired, then the next step is to do a standard license renewal.

We will go through the renewal process in a few minutes. Above, we promised to talk about the online payment process of the restoration fee. Here’s how to go about it:

NJ MVC Online Services Homepage
Scroll down to Pay Your Surcharge or Restoration Fee, Select Restoration Fee
Fill the Fee Payment Form and click Continue

In case there are payments, you have to settle regarding points accumulated and involved alongside those added by the courts, then in step to above select Surcharges and make the payment.

Now let’s do the license renewal.

How to Renew the NJ MVC License?

This process involves acquiring a new driving license. Not everyone is allowed to renew online. You’re not eligible because:

But you are eligible, then, here’s how we can go about it.

Navigate down to Renew Standard License, then select Renew Standard License Online

This selection lands you on the License Renewal page. Note that you must have several items, namely: an active social security number, driving license number, email address, a credit card, a printer, and the license renewal form that you got in your mail.

Note: You must have the right mailing address because that’s where you receive most of the renewal documents. If you have changed your mailing address, you need to update it by clicking “change your address” on the license renewal page.

NJ MVC-License Renewal Page

If you do not qualify to renew the license online or the online process is not available (especially in this Covid-19 times), you have to do it in person. So, how we go about this?

You could also choose to renew your license by mail. Here’s what to do:

To renew DL by mail, you must be eligible for Skip the Trip (a program by New Jersey MVC, allowing you to renew a driving license without having to go to the agency. To be eligible, you need:

From here, what follows is:

Note: If 20 days go by without the license reaching you, now you can call (609) 292-6500 and inform NJ MVC.

Now, you know how to go about restoring your driving license in New Jersey. You realize that a suspension period can be as hefty as ten years. There are a few tricks I researched and found that could help you reduce the traffic violation points accumulated to avoid suspension next time. Watch out for that in this next section.

How to Reduce NJ MVC Surcharge Points to Evade License Suspension

Above, we talked about how accumulating points from traffic violations results in license termination and other penalties. But, two options could help you avoid reaching the 6 points mark. They are namely;

If these options do not work for you, then waiting for suspension period to end and paying fine is all you have. Above I had promised to take you through NJ MDV restoration locations, namely:

In case you need to show up in person at the agencies, the best NJ DMV timings are Mondays to Fridays 8 AM to 4.30 PM, then Saturdays 8 AM to 3 PM. That’s all! All the best in your driving endeavor.

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