New Jersey vehicle registration Fee, Form & Renewal Guide

When you buy a new car in New Jersey, the car dealership does the registration for you. If you buy a used car, then you have to do the registration yourself. When the car registration is about to expire, you have to renew. All these items will cost you some bucks. Here is a guide on how to do the registration and the renewal.

How to Register Your Used Car?

The process for registering a just acquired used car is pretty straightforward. It could be a used car from someone, dealership, or an auction. Registrations happen at the New Jersey motor vehicles agency. Here’s what to do: First, there are several things you need to carry to the agency namely,

  1. A title;
  2. A New Jersey insurance policy number, the company, and insurance card;
  3. Dealer reassignment
  4. Power of attorney in case someone else other than yourself is required to sign the documents
  5. Lienholder info and financing statement in case car is financed or leased
  6. Motor Vehicle Commission Entity Identification Number(EIN).
  7. For car purchase at auction, have the notarization bill of sale, a photo or a pencil tracing of the VIN Plate, and the latest previously issue registration paper. (You also need the documents when a car comes from a state that does not issue a title)
  8. A purchase order if the car was state-transferred and even issued with titles but lacks a tax stamp.


  1. The registration fee varies with your type of vehicle and is inclusive of licensed plates.
  2. There is also a sales tax fee, call the New Jersey Taxation Division, on 609-984-6206 to help with the calculations.

Lastly, once at the agency, there are a few things to do, namely:

  1. Fill a Form BA-49 meant for Vehicle Registration Application.
  2. In case you got the car from a different state, fill Application for Certificate of Ownership.

Reminder: Provide every required document and fees at the Registration/ Title office.

Once registration is complete, it can last you four years before it expires. You will get a notice three months before the expiration.

Then, you will have thirty days after the registration to renew your vehicle registration. The renewal process is straightforward. Let me show you how.

How to do the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal?

You can avoid a trip to the motor vehicle registration agency by doing the renewal online. The process is simple. Here’s all you need to do to renew your vehicle registration. First, there are a few things you need to have before the renewal starts. The documents include:

Now that you have these items, what follows is the actual registration renewal process. Here’s what happens:

Go to state.nj.us/mvc/

You will land on a page Registration Renewal.

Click “Begin Online Registration Renewal”

You land on a Login page.

Enter the PIN on Renewal Form as shown

Note: You will be charged $1.50 for renewal of registration online

Above, we talk about the PIN on your registration renewal form. A common question is how the PIN can be retrieved if lost or acquired when you do not have one.

Getting your PIN should be easy. Here’s what to do.

Now you have a PIN to use for your renewal of vehicle registration. The renewal should be simple after this. Nevertheless, you might lose your car registration. If you’re still in New Jersey, then you could do replace your registration paperwork.

The procedure is simple. Let’s do it here.

How to Replace Car Registration in New Jersey?

Losing your car registration can result in fines when you do not have one while on the road. The State of New Jersey has put in place ways to get your vehicle registration replaced through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. Here’s how we can go about the replacement process.

Note: The replacement is subject to a $5 fee. This varies. For instance, if the replacement comes in the first three years into the four years of initial registration, you will need to pay $11.

In a different case, you might have registered a leased and lost the registration. Well, do not panic. There is a way you can replace registration for a leased vehicle. Let me show you how a friend of mine did it.

Well, vehicle registration isn’t the only thing you may lose. Losing a car tag and being on the road without one amounts to a fine.

The solution: Replace your car tag. Here’s how you can go about it.

How to Replace Lost Tag For Your Car?

You may lose tag yourself, break it, or maybe it gets lost. The first step is to always report to the police when you suffer the plate or when stolen. Then have a copy of the police report with you.

After that, you can go on to get your replacement. Here’s how the process goes.

Of course, for the broken one, you do not have to report to the police. However, you will have to do something about it, so you can get it replaced. Here’s what I did for my new plate just recently.

Payment for this is usually $11, and the plate will reach you between ten to twelve weeks

Note: You still have to give MVC your broken plates

In this case, on the road, have the necessary documents to show you’re awaiting the replacement to avoid a traffic ticket or a fine.


Now, there is more we may talk about the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission(NJ MVC). The registration, the renewal, and the replacements. Here, you have a few of those solutions to put you in motion in case any of these situations arise. Take your time and make things right and avoid those hefty traffic penalties.

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