How to Make Michigan Traffic Ticket Payment Online?

If you commit a traffic violation in Michigan and end up getting a traffic ticket, how would you pay for it? Well, there are many ways to sort it out.

In this guide, journey with me as we go through how to pay a traffic ticket online in Michigan.

First, let’s compare the information we have on our ticket to the one in our driving record online.

How to Check Your Traffic Ticket Online in Michigan?

To check your traffic ticket, you need to do a ticket or case search on the Michigan Court’s official website. Here’s how to go about it:

Search Michigan traffic ticket online search, select ePAY result

The ePAY Portal of the Michigan Courts will open.

Some of the details you need to have at hand include County and Court on your traffic ticket. You can then search for your ticket by your last and ticket or case number, last name and date of birth, by license plate number, or by driver’s license number.

Select Michigan County and Court, choose the ticket search option, click Search.

Here, you will have all the access to the traffic ticket issued. Details are usually similar to the hard copy ticket you were handed. Therefore, do a quick counter-check and decide how you wish to tackle it.

Options Available for Tackling Your Michigan traffic ticket

There are three options for tackling a Michigan traffic ticket, namely:

Note: Judgments made in a mitigation hearing cannot be appealed.

Alternative option: Hearing can be done over the phone using the Off The Record app.

Important to note: If you recognize that you’re guilty of the traffic charge on your ticket, then you can make the payment through the multiple options available.

Options for Paying Your Traffic Ticket in Michigan

Paying for a Michigan traffic ticket should be within 15 days from the day of ticket issuance. There are four options you can use to settle your traffic ticket, namely:

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online in Michigan?

The process is straightforward. Here’s how to go about your online payment:

Google search results will open.

Click on “SOM-Ticket Payment System-State of Michigan”

You will be led to the Michigan.gov official home page.

The Michigan Court ePAY page opens.

Select Michigan County and Court, choose the ticket search option, click Search.

Note: You may not just get fined for a traffic violation in Michigan. On other occasions, the traffic mistake could lead to the award of points on your driving record.

These points accumulating a particular period could result in paying more fines. Worst case scenario? Your driving license is suspended for a certain period.

So what’s this pointing system?

What is Michigan’s Driving License Points System?

Michigan has a unique traffic offense pointing system. Every traffic violation attracts a particular number of points. Milder offenses attract about two points, with grave ones subject to a six-point penalty. More about Michigan’s pointing system includes:

2 Point violations

3 Point violations

4 point violations

6 point violations

So what does accumulating a particular number of points mean for you?

The worst-case scenario for accumulating 12 points in getting your driving license suspended, revoked, or restricted. Furthermore, your insurer will view you as more costly and charge you high insurance premiums.

Note that every time you pay a fine, you’ve pleaded guilty; therefore, a point will be added to your driving record. In Michigan, the points stay on your record for up to two years.

Be careful not to accumulate any points in Michigan, considering the heavy penalties. You can avoid accumulating points by having a traffic attorney to fight your traffic tickets.

Note: You can also waive a few points or even clear your record to get your license reinstated by engaging in a basic driver improvement course.


Michigan has stringent traffic regulations. Any time you are issued a traffic ticket in Michigan and have a fine attached to it, you need to pay for it earlier (you have 15 days within the date of ticket issuance). Paying online is quicker and more efficient. Above find how to pay traffic tickets online in Michigan. Afterward, all you need to do is go ahead and make your payment to avoid heftier traffic fines.

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