Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Online Payment Guide

Are you in Los Angeles (LA) and have been handed a traffic ticket? Do you know that you can pay for your Los Angeles traffic ticket online? This method is faster and more convenient.

I will guide you through the Los Angeles traffic ticket online payment guide in the next few sections.

Let’s start with the ticketing-related offenses.

Offenses That Cause Ticketing in Los Angeles

Two traffic violations can result in you being issued a traffic ticket in Los Angeles as follows:

Misdemeanor violations include reckless driving, driving without registration, or the use of a suspended license. Other misdemeanors include DUI (Driving Under the Influence), not appearing in court as required.

The results of “M” offenses include a bench warrant issued by a court in your county for your arrest.

Note: If you lose your traffic ticket, you can always check your traffic ticket case status online.

Checking Traffic Ticket Case Status Online in LA

Always check the status of your traffic ticket case online in LA as follows:

Alternative option: Just below the above option, click on “Enter your driver’s license number.”

You will end up in the “Traffic Online Services User Agreement.”

Click on the box for user agreement.

This takes you to Step 2. Retrieve Ticket Info page.

Note: Your ticket information will only be available online 30 days after it was issued to you. When checking before that date, you may not find the information unless updated earlier.

Important to note: You can proceed with these steps further to make your payment.

Let’s talk about that below.

Payment Options for LA Traffic Ticket

Multiple options are available for you to settle fine on your Los Angeles traffic ticket as follows:

The best part about this is that you will have some proof of the date when the delivery was made.

More about online payment for your LA traffic ticket is tackled in this next section.

How to Pay Your LA Traffic Ticket Online

Online payments for your traffic tickets are easy and straightforward as follows:

Click the drop-down and choose “traffic,” select Find Ticket by DL or Ticket Number.

You will land on the “Traffic Online Services User Agreement” page.

Warning: Failing to pay and then not appearing in court in Los Angeles, as dated on your ticket, attracts a larger fine. The LA Courts then charge you with the Failing to Appear (FTA) charge.

Then your license placed on a VC 40509.5 hold, meaning that the license is subject to suspension.

Note: There are other options for dealing with your fine in LA if you cannot raise the amount penalized.

Options Available If You Cannot Afford LA Traffic Ticket Fine.

The Los Angeles County offers multiple other options to tackle your traffic ticket fine if you cannot afford it. There are two major options, as follows:

  1. Accept you’re guilty.
  2. Sign an installment agreement
  3. Pay 10% of the total fine, a one-time administrative fee of about $35 on your first payment.
  4. Pay fees applicable and forfeit the bail.

Warning: Always seek a traffic attorney’s counsel before committing to an installment plan or paying a collection agency.

  1. Protection from the consequences of your traffic violations
  2. Defense from fine connected to your traffic violation

An attorney may still advise on an option to go with the installment, alongside other options you could use. Nevertheless, if you wish to contest your traffic ticket in court, the next section will guide you on what to do.

How to Contest LA Traffic Ticket in Court?

Contesting a traffic ticket in Los Angeles can be done through a Trial by Written Declaration by you. This option is one of those provided at the back of your LA traffic ticket.

If your declarations sail through and you are found not guilty, then the ticket will be dismissed, and you do not have to pay any fines, appear in court or go to any traffic school to the points off your LA driving record.

Found guilty? You will have to make the necessary payments and face any repercussions tied to your traffic violations.

But how do you approach a “trial by written declaration” in Los Angeles?

Read through the form carefully and only fill in the parts you are supposed to. For instance, the clerk of court fills the topmost part of the form TR-205. Details expected include statements of what happened.

More details can be done on a form MC-030, known as the Declaration, and another form MC-031, known as the Attached Declaration.

The clerk will notify the officer that ticketed you to issue their declaration on your traffic case.

If what you owe is more than bail posted, then you will get a deadline you must meet for your payment. If you paid more on your bail than what you owed the courthouse, then you will get a refund of the excess.

If found “not guilty,” you will get a refund of the bail through mailing.

Remember: We have talked about fines and how to tackle them. Also, we’ve talked shallowly about points accumulated on your driving record. But what’s LA’s traffic points system?

Traffic Points System in Los Angeles

Understanding the California License Points System is important to avoid implicating yourself in grave offenses that result in license suspensions. California’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) uses the points system to monitor recurrent traffic violations.

License suspension is issued on accumulating:

Important to note: A traffic violation in LA, California attracts about one to two points. Examples of one-point license violations include:

Note: You can remove points from your traffic record by contesting your ticket, as you will your fine above. Moreover, you can enroll in a traffic school and have your points deducted on course completion.

Warning: Points on your driving record can stay on it for about 36 months and could lead to more costly insurance costs. Therefore, work towards getting rid of them promptly.


Traffic violations in Los Angeles, California State amount to traffic tickets, fines, and points on your record.

Above, you will find the Los Angeles traffic ticket online payment guide.

All you need to do is to make your payment early and avoid hefty penalties.

Moreover, you will learn other ways to deal with the fines, like contesting a traffic ticket in LA.

Furthermore, you can go to a traffic school in LA to reduce your traffic record points.

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