How to get a gun license in New Jersey?

If you own a property or live in the state of New Jersey, you will probably want to have an extra layer of protection to get that piece of mind. What better way to go about this than exercising your second amendment right to own a gun? Getting a firearm can prove simple, provided you understand how to get a gun license in New Jersey.

How to procure a gun license in New Jersey?

If you fancy getting that additional layer of security besides the one provided by the government, or love hunting for game in your ranch, then deciding to buy and own a gun cannot prove such a bad idea. However, owning a gun requires you to buy one, and this also requires an application for a gun license. The application process often proves challenging, and you have to understand different regulations to get the right permit, as you don’t want to get a gun license that will not apply to a firearm you wish to own and use. Here, it entails some key ways to go about getting a gun license in New Jersey.

  1. Recommendations. Get recommendations on how to go about it from family members and friends who legally own guns in New Jersey.  Such credible information will save you time and energy compared to getting details online.
  2. Online reviews. Get a gun license in New Jersey by checking out what other people detail as their experiences online to help you have a better feel of the process and the best license option.
  3. Physical fact-finding missions. Visit gun licensing institutions in New Jersey to get the information needed to guide you accordingly when applying for licensing.

What to look for when getting a gun license in New Jersey?

What constitutes some of the things you should pay attention to when seeking to get a gun license?

Gun application procedure

The application process needs to become as accurate as possible to stand any chance of your gun licensing to go through. The process entails the following.

#1. All applicants

#2. First time PIC and HPP applicants

#3. Subsequent extra firearms applicants

  1. Get Fishing License in NJ
  2. NJ Surcharge

#4. Licensing application or renewal to carry a firearm

Any falsification of the application documents guarantees a charge commensurate with a third-degree charge.

#5. Penalties for illegal possession of firearms in New Jersey

If you want to avoid harsh penalties for unlawful possession of firearms, whether a short gun, long gun, assault rifles, handgun, etc., you have to apply and obtain a gun permit. However, failure to get a permit and your subsequent arrest with the weapon can lead to multiple charges in a court of law. The costs include the following in New Jersey.

Contact details

Telephone.  +1 201-547-5477

P.O. Box. 207, 7th St 2nd floor, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States


If you have to live and own a gun in New Jersey, then applying for the necessary permits can prove key in ensuring you do not violate the tough New Jersey gun laws. So consider the guidelines provided to apply and get a licensed gun for your security or game hunting missions on your New Jersey properties.

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