How to get a boating license in New Jersey?

The love for business and boats can prove overwhelming, and if you prove one such person, then investing in the boat business can become rewarding. What better way to delve into this business than ensuring everything proves complete to get a boating license in New Jersey? You can reap big-time by fishing or doing a motorized boat tour business in this fascinating coastal area.

Important considerations to get a boating license in New Jersey

If you want to make money or enjoy the ocean by operating motorized boats in the New Jersey coastal line, you must consider completing a boating license. Getting the permit can prove exhaustive and with attached timelines, so it can become wise to consider everything before starting to enhance your success chances carefully. Here, some of the critical things to consider in getting your boating license.

  1. What type of vessel do you intend to operate? Consider enlisting for a boating license if you own or plan to use a motorized sea vehicle. Such watercraft can include boats as long as they prove more than 12 feet and get powered by an under 10 horsepower electrical motor.
  2. Age. The age proves a significant element in qualifying or disqualifying you for the New Jersey boating license. You have to prove above 13 years to enlist for the boating safety course. However, individuals under the age of 16 years have a limitation of only operating motorized watercraft of less than 10 horsepower electric motor and a length of above 12 feet. Younger kids cannot qualify for the boat safety course, and neither can they prove eligible to operate these watercraft on the New Jersey shores. Older people of 16 years and above can operate any motorized watercraft provided they possess a state-approved boating safety certificate. 
  3. Boat safety certificate. Everyone needs a boat safety certificate as a prerequisite for obtaining a boating license in the state of New Jersey.  The boat safety certificate can prove one from New Jersey or any other State.

The process of applying for a New Jersey boating license

Qualify with the certificate by undertaking the boating certification course online on your tablet or laptop. Here, you will learn by reading, listening, or watching learning materials. The materials include videos to help you comprehend the boat safety concepts. Once you complete the course, then you can apply for the boating license.

Features of the online boating certification course

Register for the proctored exam by finding a proctored exam center in your New Jersey county locality. Ideally, you should find one before you start the online learning process. Exam centers include west marine in Somers point, Parsippany firehouse, Morris county public safety training academy, Hopatcong’s Patricks, west marine of brick, toms rivers elks lodge, Oceanport first aid squad, Plumkinville, among others at different dates. 

Carry out the proctored exam on boat safety in person. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate with a validity of 1 year, which will prove handy when applying for your New Jersey license.  You need to have your photo identification and prove above 12 years of age to get admitted for the exam. However, you don’t need to establish a New Jersey resident to qualify for admittance into the exam.

Exemptions to the use of a boating license

However, it can prove useful to understand boating safety aspects even without owning a boating license when operating these types of watercraft on the New Jersey waters. 

Boating safety course website link


New Jersey boating safety accredited institution

New Jersey state police

Address: P.O. Box 7068 West Trenton, NJ 08628 609-882-2000

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How to replace damaged or lost boat safety certificate or/and boating license

You can lose your boating license hindering your sea operation in New Jersey or your boat safety certificate before acting on it in getting your boating license. What can you, therefore, if you encountered such a hurdle?

Wrap up

When you get a boating license, then you can operate any watercraft on the New Jersey coastal waters without any problems. As a responsible individual residing in the state of New Jersey, you have to enroll in the online safe boating course to qualify for an N.J. boating license. If getting a boating license encompasses what you want, then consider the process and guidelines discussed to ensure you do not experience any problems on the shores of New Jersey and during your application process.

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