Get A Fishing License in New Jersey: Everything You Should Know

Fishing is a popular fun activity in New Jersey(NJ). However, you can’t go fishing in NJ without a fishing license. So, how do you get a fishing license in New Jersey?

Today, I will take you through a simple step by step process of acquiring a fishing license in New Jersey.

We’ll start by talking about who’s allowed to take the fishing license and the requirements for getting it.

So, let’s jump right in.

Eligibility requirements for getting a fishing license in New Jersey

There are a set of requirements to qualify to get a fishing license in NJ. The requirements are as follows:

Note: Once you have the New fishing license, you need to have it suspended outside of your clothing such that it is visible to authorities inspecting the fishing areas.

If you are wondering whether everyone in your family needs a fishing license, here what you need to know:

Farmers or family members fishing within your farm do not need a license but need to adhere to NJ’s fishing regulations.

This sums up the requirements for getting the NJ fish license. Usually, the fishing license is used alongside the trout stamp. A trout stamp is vital as it allows you to own both salmon and trout species. The age limit for a trout stamp is still between 16 and less than 70 years old.

You have known what is required to get your fishing license in New Jersey. Next up, you need to acquire it. So how do you do your NJ fishing license?

This next step will reveal how to get your license.

Getting your New Jersey Fishing License

The process of acquiring your NJ fishing license is straightforward. There are two ways you can get your fishing license as follows:

You can use a license locator app to get an agent’s office near you for the license agents.

In case you want to do it online, I will show you how I got mine in this next section.

Getting Your New Jersey Fishing License on NJFishandWildlife.com

Acquiring a fishing license online is more efficient and convenient. All you need is an NJ Driver License to buy the fishing license online. Once you have the driver license, here’s how to go about purchasing your fishing license online:

Click “Get yours online”
Enter Last Name and Date of Birth to log in

Once done, the fishing license is available for you to print at home( if you have a printer). The good news is you can download a pdf of the New Jersey fishing license and keep it safe on drive or cloud storage for future use.

Note: The fishing license is valid to use for a year. Therefore, you need to buy another one every year.

If you got your NJ fishing license through a licensing agent, you could get a duplicate from the agent if you lose the copy.

Now, this brings us to the cost of a fishing license in New Jersey. In the next part, you will learn about the fee fishing license.

New Jersey Fishing License Fees

Remember you have to get a new license each year on Dec 31st. Therefore, it is important to understand how much it will cost you to incur such a fee. The fees are as follows:

Note: All the above are for residents.

For non-residents, here are some variations in the cost of the fishing license:

Moving on. There are exceptions when it comes to the people who need to have a New Jersey Fishing License. This last section provides those exceptions.

New Jersey Fishing Licenses Exceptions

The New Jersey Division of Fishing and Wildlife exempts some individuals from possessing a fishing license before engaging in fishing activities. These exceptions include:

Anyone under the age of 16

New Jersey residents of ages above 70. All you need is a driving license or a document with proof of age, and you are good to go fishing without having worrying about having a fishing license.

Farmers and members of a family doing fishing on their farm. All you need to do is stick to the fishing guidelines provided by the State of New Jersey.

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