Pay Traffic Tickets Online in California

Different states in the US have different traffic laws, which, when violated, translate to a traffic ticket. If you’re in California and commit a traffic offense, you need to pay for your traffic ticket. One way of paying for your traffic ticket in California is by doing it online.

In this guide, I will guide you on how to pay traffic tickets online in California.

For starters, let’s look at some of the traffic mistakes that result in a traffic ticket.

Offenses that lead to a traffic ticket in California

The four major violations that amount to a traffic ticket in California(CA) are namely:

Note: Every traffic ticket has a fine attached to it. Usually, some offenses will have some points added to your record resulting in further penalties.

California’s traffic tickets pointing system

Above, we talked about how some offense will result in points placed on your driving record. So, what criteria are used to award points?

For example, if you are charged with violating a red light, an at-fault accident, speeding, or changing the lane unsafely, 1 point will be added to your record.

Warning: The punishment for the above violations would result in a canceled or suspended driving license.

Suspension of your license in CA DMV is usually about 6 months. This varies with the points accumulated as follows

  1. 4 points lead to a 12-month suspension
  2. 6 points result in a 24-month license suspension
  3. 8 points mean a 36-month suspension

There are other punishments for more violations as follows:

Increased insurance rates. Your insurer will always want to check your driving record every time you apply for insurance. If you have accumulated lots of points on your record, you will be charged highly.

Be careful: Accumulated points could take between 3 to 7 years to leave your driving record. Considering you cannot drive without insurance, being careful protects you from these hefty traffic repercussions.

It is always important to pay for your traffic tickets in California on time. Paying online makes it swift and convenient for you.

How to pay for California traffic tickets online?

Your traffic tickets in California are usually paid to a court in that city. In California, there are multiple courthouses. If you’re in California City, then the payment will be made to Riverside Superior Court online as follows:

Navigate to “Divisions” and click “Traffic.”
Click “Pay Traffic Ticket”
Click “Pay Traffic Ticket Online”

You are free to choose a different court based on your location within Califonia. In my case, I chose the Riverside County Superior Court. Choosing a location leads you to Step 2: Find Your Citation.

Note: Remember to add an email address to send a payment receipt to you or a date of confirmation.

Bottom line: Follow hints as demonstrated by the ePay-it.com site.

Follow hints in Step 1, 2,3, 4 to conclude ticket payment.

Note: Paying online is not the only option for settling traffic ticket dues.

Other methods of paying traffic tickets in California

Apart from paying traffic tickets online in California, there are other options to use as follows:

Note: You can dispute your traffic ticket so that you do not have to pay for it.

How to dispute traffic tickets in California

You have multiple options to take when you get a traffic ticket in California. In case you feel that you were not guilty, you can appear in court to dispute the ticket. Here’s what to do:

If found guilty, pay the fine on time to avoid further penalty.


Paying traffic tickets in California online is easy. Above you will find more payment methods for your tickets, the California traffic points system, and the offenses amounting to California’s DMV ticketing. Finally, you can dispute traffic tickets in California. All you need to do is pay for your traffic ticket online in California today to avoid more penalties.

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