Best Places to Live in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the dream states to reside in the United States. All you need is to choose an excellent place to stay and enjoy life in New Jersey.

Here, I’ve put together some of the best places to live in New Jersey.

So, let’s jump right in.


The town of Princeton is in the Mercer County of New Jersey. The city has a population of over 30 728. Forty-nine percent of this population has rented their house while the rest own a home. The average value of a home in Princeton is about $833,000. Besides being an excellent place to live in, the town is known for having the best public schools, such as Princeton Charter School, Little Brook School, and Riverside School.

Other things to expect in Princeton include:

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2.Upper Montclair

Upper Montclair is another suburban town in New Jersey. The population of Montclair is about 11,744. Interestingly, 80 percent of this town’s population owns a home, with the rest of their individuals renting a home. The median value of a home in Montclair is about $750,000.

More about Montclair town is as follows:


This city is on the Western side of Manhattan in Morris County. The population of Madison is a sparse 16, 042. About 68 percent of Madison’s population owns a home. The value of a home in this town is, on average, about $712,500, with median rent at $1674. The latter is higher than the median national rent of $949. Politically, a large population of Madison is conservative. More about Madison include:


Bridgewater has become a usual place where people migrate when they do not want to be so close to New York but still not far away from it. Moreover, people in the north of New Jersey also are moving to this town. For this reason, newly completed and available homes are always a hot sale.

Bridgewater Township is located in Somerset County of New Jersey. This town has a population of about 44 726. 84% of these people live in their homes while the rest are renters. The average value of a home in Bridgewater, NJ, is about 476,800, with rent at about $1,648.

So what do you get from staying in Bridgewater?


This township is some 15 miles from the beach and 45 miles to New Jersey. The commuting issue, which has always been a problem, is not a problem, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 times.

Manalapan is a good place to stay because it is less crowded than areas near New York. Another insight is that taxes on this side of New Jersey are lesser than on the north of Jersey. This town has a population of about 39,853, with 88 percent of this population having a home called their own.

More about this town is as follows:


Apart from Manalapan Township, Wyckoff is another place people prefer moving away from New York. A significant signal is that home buying is on an all-time high with up to 100% closed sales on homes. The population is sparsely spread, considering Wyckoff has a sparse population of about 17 047.

Wyckoff offers you an excellent suburban feel, with most young families preferring to move to Wyckoff. Other items about this town include:


Closter is the place to stay if you want to be close to the city of Manhattan. This town had a recent expansion in its downtown regions and shopping districts. Closter is smaller in population than any of the above cities, with about 8,585 people. Most people in Closter own a home, about 83% of the population. The home value is around $658,000 on average.

Other things to expect from Closter include:

A pleasant and safer environment for your children to stay


The number of places to reside in New Jersey is countless. The above are some of the best. You can always find more other locations based on your preference and perception of an excellent place to stay. Looking for a moderately political place, a place with good public education institutions, a good nightlife, and a safer place to raise your family? These are some of the areas in New Jersey you can get that.

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